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Slurs are not oppressive because they are offensive, they are oppressive  because slurs by nature of being slurs draw upon certain power dynamics  to remind their target of his/her/their vulnerability in a certain relation to power and as an extension of that, to threaten violence and exploitation of that vulnerability.

I see people saying “How can this happen? Isn’t this America?”




Well, yes. This IS America.



(US Army attacks homeless veterans protesting in Washington, DC in 1932)



1960s Birmingham, Alabama



1970 attack on unarmed student protesters at Kent State University



Police action at peaceful UC Davis Occupy protest 

Let’s not pretend like the police actions taken this week are anything new. It’s just the most recent manifestation of a problem America has had for a very long time.

hetero men who want women to follow traditional gender roles and have traditional values, but use the term “gold digger”… 

do you even logic, bro?



this is absolutely incredible



While there is a lot of appropriate rage about Ferguson right now, the killing of John Crawford, III is getting less attention than it deserves. I put Shaun King’s tweets and history lesson on the matter in chronological order for easier consumption.


Autopsy and video show John Crawford shot from behind in Wal-Mart

Witness in murder of John Crawford changes story

BREAKING: U.S. House panel rejects spousal benefits bill for LGBT veterans


WASHINGTON — A U.S. House panel on Wednesday rejected a measure that would have enabled veterans with same-sex spouses to receive partner benefits regardless of where they reside.

us-capitolThe Washington Blade reports that the U.S. House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs rejected the Veteran Spouses Equal Treatment Act by a vote of 12-13.

Although the vote was a largely along party lines withRepublicans voting “no” andDemocrats voting “yes,” Rep. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.), a co-sponsor of theEmployment Non-Discrimination Act, was the only Republican who broke with his party to vote “yes” on the amendment.

Introduced in June 2013 by U.S. Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.), the Veteran Spouses Equal Treatment Act would amend the definition of “spouse” in Title 38 of the U.S. Code to ensure equal treatment for same-sex spouses, thereby aligning the Veteran Administration with the Department of Defenseand the Supreme Court ruling in Windsor v. U.S.

The change would prevent legally married LGBT veterans from losing their federal benefits if they live in a state which does not recognize marriage equality. ‘

“Today the House VA Committee had the opportunity to end this injustice by passing my amendment to ensure all veterans have equal access to the federal benefits they have earned and deserve, said Titus, in a statement.

“It makes no sense that legally married soldiers receive benefits while in the military but can lose those benefits when they become veterans if they live in the wrong place. And it is unfair that a legally married couple can get federal VA benefits if they live in California but lose them if they move to Florida,” she said.

“Sadly, my Republican colleagues chose not to stand with our veterans and their families, and instead remained silent, allowing this discrimination to continue. They lack one ounce of the courage they so often extol as a virtue of our nation’s veterans. Shame on them.”

They’re saying they only think she’s beautiful because she reminds them of a white woman with her features. She’s saying burn in Hell, I am not white. I am beautiful and I am Somali (which, in terms of racial descriptions we use in the U.S. and Europe, would be I am beautiful and I am Black).






Reagan stays speaking the truth. Below are excerpts from Vogue's “The Dawn of the Butt: Big Booty in Pop Culture Over the Years" article:

As we await the premiere of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azaleas new music video, it would appear that the big booty has officially become ubiquitous.

For years it was exactly the opposite; a large butt was not something one aspired to, rather something one tried to tame in countless exercise classes. Even in fashion, that daring creative space where nothing is ever off limits, the booty has traditionally been shunned. Though nipples have long been a runway staple.

Perhaps we have Jennifer Lopez to thank (or blame?) for sparking the booty movement. When she first arrived on the scene in the late nineties, a lot of the buzz surrounding her focused on the back of her voluptuous body. Her derrière quite literally stood out against the other sex symbols of the moment, signaling a shift away from the waif era of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss and the outrageously large-breasted Pam Anderson. Lopez’s behind was so unique, and evidently so valuable, there were rumors she had taken out insurance worth millions to protect the asset.

Around the same time, the look of pop music was set by Britney Spears’s over-toned abs. But the curvaceous bodies that made up Destiny’s Child had also started making waves on MTV in 2001 with “Bootylicious.” 

Enter Kim Kardashian. Kardashian and her family debuted their reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in 2007. It made the entire clan famous, of course, but Kardashian’s behind was the real star, and was frequently employed as a plot device. In one season, Kardashian even X-rayed her body to prove her curves were real and not the by-product of artificial implants. Instagram also launched that other famous booty: the one on workout sensation Jen Selter. A civilian who just happens to do an obscene amount of squats, Selter is known for her belfies (just put two and two together) and every single one of her posts to her 4 million followers makes sure to include the bubble butt that launched her career front and center.

Then came the total bootification of pop music. At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus proved you didn’t need to have a large butt to become a part of the conversation, you just needed to know how to attract enough attention to one.Shakira and Rihanna had a booty-off in their video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You.” Beyoncé surprised the world by dropping her Visual Album last December—and her good-girl image. The racy video for “Partition” has her in a bejeweled thong on a top of a piano, while “Rocket” begins with the lyrics: “Let me sit this ass on you.”

Recently, Nicki Minaj remixed the original butt song by Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Baby Got Back,” into “Anaconda,” driving the point home with extreme twerking, blatant close-up shots of her booty, and cut-to-the-chase lyrics: “Fuck those skinny bitches in the club/I wanna see all the big fat ass bitches in the motherfucking club.”

Which brings us full circle to J. Lo—the original trailblazing butt girl—and the imminent video for “Booty.” It features the 45-year-old doused in what looks like Vaseline or honey, prompting listeners to “Throw up your hands if you love a big booty.” It’s safe to say that, this time around, the world is thoroughly ready for the jelly.


everybody wants to be a nigga…..

Reagan goes tf off


The only “history of the butt” i’ve liked is stuff mom never told you because they spent the vast majority of the cultural portion talking about the objectification of black women’s bodies.



In response to anyone who thinks they have an fierce inner black woman in them and is not in fact, a black woman

See the thing about that fire and that “fierceness” is that it’s born out of our oppression, out of always being told that we are ugly, that our bodies are too fat or too muscular, that we don’t have the right kind of hair — and having to deconstruct all those things and tell ourselves that we are beautiful even though society is telling us that we are not.  

That strength is born out of always having to defend ourselves against white supremacy and anti-black-woman-patriachy. From years of not seeing ourselves represented in anything aligned with beauty, of buying products that are made to make us look like not ourselves.

So there is no way you could have an inner black woman in you. You have not experienced our struggle, you don’t know it, you haven’t lived it, and you can’t imagine it. 

See, you can’t sit with us, because we haven’t been able to sit at your table since our existence in this country. And while we were being excluded from your table we made our own, and it is fabulous and fly. And of course you now want to try and have a seat at our table, take our table, use it and ignore all the labor that went into creating THAT table.

But nah, sorry boo boo.

You ain’t never going to be us, you can try to wear your hair like us, you can try to dance like us, talk like us, wish you were us, but know this —


White gay men & white women make me so sick with this shit, you could never in your saltine, tapioca, white bread, mayonnaise life ever encompass even a half of a percent of what a Black woman is.




Watch: These kids from Ferguson have an important message for all white people

Sometimes it takes the voices of children to speak truth to power, especially when it comes to the evils of racism.

Without question, the widespread police brutality and abuse, both in Ferguson, Mo., and around the country, has elevated the consciousness of young people across America. But many others still are laboring on the illusion that we are living in a post-racial nation following the election of President Barack Obama.

These kids send the perfect wake up call | Follow micdotcom 

teach the babies

"No one’s playing cards; this is not a game."


Why student debt is a race issue

The average white student graduated with $19,613 in debt in 2012. The average African-American student? $27,808.

That 29.5% differential is huge — and not only in its translation to dollars. It proves that while college is often touted as an equalizer for society, our education system seems to be reinforcing racial inequality rather than fighting it.

It’s not African American students’ fault | Follow micdotcom

People aren’t talkin about the news, they’re talking about what they think the news is. There is no news channel saying “This is what happened, draw your own conclusions.” We have made this country so bereft of critical thinking, that now we have a problem where we have to teach them to think for themselves.

We have no unified authority, or problem solvers. We have congressman discussing environmentalism, when they don’t understand half the problems our earth is going through. We go to congress instead of going to people who have worked their whole LIFE trying to solve these problems. When it comes to racism, we’re asking a panel of white dudes, when it comes to sexism and woman’s rights we ask a panel of white priests on what they think. IT’S INSANITY! We ask people who are not in the arena they should be speaking in/for.

AND THAT’S WHY WE DON’T trust the media, it’s because they’re not in the arena of black experience, and they don’t care about the black experience, UNTIL something bad happens and they have the tools to paint us as destructive, ugly and evil!

The response of a Protester in Ferguson who was asked by a reporter as to why most of the protesters didn’t want their faces on tv.  (via sara-the-narco)

Dirty secret: there are plenty of gay misogynists.



which is why you can’t tell the difference between a gay man’s depiction of lesbians and a hetero man’s depiction of lesbians in so many cases.

Not as much of a secret: racism is RAMPANT among white gays.

Dirty secret: feminists really, really get threatened by minority men and will throw them under the bus and demonise them every chance they can get, as well as hijack their movements and make them all about how women feel instead. 

so is this going to be a regular thing that you add some trash to this post or what?

here you are last month.

here you are four months ago.

you just keep coming back to it with worse additions and no sources or interest in dialogue because all you want to do is paint feminists the way you accuse me of painting gay men when i made sure not to say (or imply) all gay men or even most gay men…. and stated facts that have been explored, again and again, in relation to women AND other gay men. Misogyny among gay men is no new topic or fabricated idea.

and then there’s the racism aspect of the original post… source1 source2 source3 source4 source5 source6 source7 source8 

Again, it’s estimated that two or three blacks were lynched each week in the American South during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Compare that to conservative reports from the FBI that, in the seven years between 2005 and 2012, a white officer used deadly force against a black person almost two times every week. A deeper analysis by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement found that, in just 2012, police killed more than 313 black people — one every 28 hours. MXGM also found that 44% of those killed were unarmed and 43% were not in the process of of committing a crime, but stopped by police for “suspicious activity.”