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Growing Up ‘White,’ Transracial Adoptee Learned To Be Black



i had to move to seoul before i learned to find my own reflection pleasing (which i wrote about here) it took me 27 years.

ps. this article is super “easy on the ears” - he even says that he’s not against transracial adoption (and is open about the colorism within black adoptive families) and STILL people are calling him an ungrateful, whiny brat with “issues” - that’s basically a given whenever adoptees are critical of adoption.

"Your child should not be your first black friend"

U.S. neoliberal bastion NPR does really shitty and completely inaccurate coverage on transracial adoption. It’s great seeing class bastard Chad Goller Sojourner make news — but of course NPR displaces the problems of transracial adoption on the struggles of the individual.

So screw NPR. Get it from the source… check out the coverage of Goller Sojourner’s glorious, LIFE-giving memoirs Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls:

Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy chronicles the performer’s life long affair with the scale and ten-plus year liaison with an eating disorder. Also a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration into the process and pattern of identity construction — in this case how growing up: fat, dark-skinned, gay and adopted by white folks affected and shaped the performer’s maturation — is always crushingly honest, with the performer’s greatest gift being the ability to find playfulness even in the midst of grief.

Tacoma stage performer finally comfortable in his own skin Chad Goller-Sojourner… takes on the pain of growing up ‘too black, too gay, too fat.’ [PDF download]

not a fan of Iggy Azalea, but i actively hate rape culture. watch this and really pay attention.

cringe as Ebro and Rosenberg over at Hot 97 make light of numerous attempts at sexual assault by people (both women and men) attending Iggy Azalea’s shows… and then INSIST on making her talk about her sex life, specifically, what she is willing to do in the bedroom, because, as Ebro puts it, “how are you getting bashful but you get on stage with your ass out?” (which, according to her, isn’t even true. it wouldn’t matter if it were) 

Then Rosenberg plays the rape culture apologist role rather well with “I think it’s hard for men to identify the different things that women are comfortable with sexually. We just make these blanket assumptions, like if one is comfortable doing one thing…”

The sexism over at Hot 97 is well established, but this is a different level.

'It wasn’t me being funnier than everyone,' he says of his success. 'It was me being smarter than everyone.' He paid attention to what succeeded on Vine—fights and people getting injured, from what he could tell—and incorporated it into his own work, while ratcheting up the ratchetness. 'White people, they just want to see what they think black people act like,' he says, and he was happy to deliver, creating a universe full of surprise stabbings and neck-snappings, disputes over Air Jordans and gas money. Six seconds only allows for so much subtlety.

It’s easy to assume a social-media celebrity’s persona matches his own, but Bachelor was raised in a Christian home, with strict Caribbean parents. Fans who meet him are often disappointed by his calm demeanor.

NYMag on Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach aka “but that backflip though”

read the rest here.

I am actively refusing to deal with white supremacists… but i was asked on a reblog why shouldn’t the “native Brazilians” (as opposed to those of African ancestry) be thought of when we think of Brazilians and i have two things to say to this:

  1. The Blacks who are there right now are native. They’ve been there for centuries.
  2. If by native you meant original population, then my question is why do you not have a problem with white people being pushed as what we should think of when we say “American”?

they are doing this on purpose. media actively looks to paint White as dominant and, in many cases, the only ones who matter.

I’ve never been female, but I have been Black my whole life. So let me, perhaps, offer some insight from that perspective because there are many similar social issues related to access to equal opportunity that we find in the Black community as well as the community of women in a male dominated, [corrects self] white male dominated, society.

When I look at, throughout my life, I’ve known that i wanted to do astrophysics since I was 9 years old…I got to see how the world around me reacted to my expression of these ambitions. And all I can say is, the fact that I wanted to be a scientist was hands down the path of most resistance through the forces of society.

Any time I expressed this interest, teachers would say ‘Well, don’t you want to be an athlete?’ or ‘Don’t you want to…’. I wanted to become something that was outside of the paradigms of expectation of the people in power. Fortunately, my depth of interest in the universe was SO deep and so fueled and rich that every one of these curve balls that I was thrown, and fences built in front of me, and hills that I had to climb, I just reached for more fuel and I kept going.

Now, here I am one of the most visible scientists in the land and I want to look behind me and say ‘Well where are the others who might have been this?’ and they’re not there. And I wonder what is the blood on the tracks that I happen to survive that others did not, simply because of the forces of society that prevented AT EVERY TURN, at every turn, to the point where I have security guards following me when I go through department stores, presuming that I’m a thief.

I walked out of a store one time and the alarm went off. So they came running to me. I walked through the gate at the same time a white male walked through the gate and that guy just walked off with the stolen goods, knowing that they would have stopped me and not him. That’s an interesting sort of exploitation of …

So my life experience tells me that when you don’t find Blacks in science, you don’t find women in the Sciences, I know that these forces are real and I had to survive them in order to get where I am today. So, before we start talking about genetic differences, you’ve got to come up with a system where there’s equal opportunity. THEN, we can have that conversation.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

when asked about genetic differences that may explain “chicks and science”. (X)

"only Nigeria has a larger Black population than Brazil"

yet when you hear “Brazilian”, is this who you think of?







This is post-racial America everybody! 

This is bullshit. 


See it. Understand it.


Please someone tell me this shit isn’t true

wish i could.







This is post-racial America everybody! 

This is bullshit. 


See it. Understand it.


Please someone tell me this shit isn’t true

wish i could.


Okay. So, as as a queer woman who loves Hartbeat and find her videos great and hilarious and amazing, I just need to say this. But that latest vlog regarding her “success” being attributed to her light skin is frustrating. Like, VERY frustrating. And I’m tagging this in the hopes that she’ll read this and maybe think about the topic a bit. 

Here’s the thing, there are many Black youtubers, and many who get a lot of attention. But let’s be honest; when talking about women (which is important to note because the same colorism and shadeism rules don’t often apply to men), many ARE light skinned. And the one dark skinned woman she used in her examples of Black people who are popular youtubers are often called out on their usage of upholding racial stereotypes of Black people in order to create comedy for their mostly white audience.  

For female youtubers, dark skinned women get little to no recognition, and definitely not the same amount as lighter skinned and white/white skinned youtubers. Again, I don’t include men because men can be dark skinned and funny and it’s forgiven. Dark skinned Black women, like Glozell and another noted dark skinned youtuber, Shannon Malcolm, have to rely on being racist caricatures in order to have a decent following. And it’s only through doing this that they’ll get popular attention because these stereotypes are more comfortable to a white audience than more diverse representation of Black people. If this wasn’t true, then when Franchesca from Chescaleigh called Shannon Malcolm out on her problematic portrayal of Harriet Tubman in Russel Simmon’s “comedy” video, she wouldn’t have gotten the hate and excuses she did from Shannon’s followers (who were mostly white). INCLUDING another popular (and racist) youtuber, Shane Dawnson

And many of us darker skinned women notice this in the beauty community of youtube as well. The most popular youtubers are light skinned or white/white-skinned. The Black ones that have a VERY large following? Beautycrush, Andreaschoice, ShamelessMaya, ItsMyRayeRaye, etc? Mixed Black women with very light skin. And while I don’t wish to downplay their success, part of it is due to the fact that they’re skin tone isn’t so dark and their hair not THAT different from white people that white viewers THINK they can still get lots of tips from them. As apposed to darker skinned Black youtubers who white viewers think they can’t take any tips from them. Light skinned beauty vlogers are allowed to be a universal beauty while darker skinned Black vloggers are a niche that only one “small” group of viewers can enjoy.

The only exception I can think of is britpopprincess, who probably gets a pass because, well, she’s British. Considering how most Americans view English (not all the same, but you know what I mean) accents as “posh” and “sophisticated,” Patricia’s accent saves her from looking like a “ghetto, ratchet, Black American girl” and instead looks like a “classy” Black woman. A lot of Black women from England have noted that they are treated better in America than in the UK simply because their accents make people think they’re wealthy and sophisticated. I once saw interviews of a Black woman who couldn’t get non-stereotypical roles in England and moved to America where she’s always cast in roles playing intelligent and posh women. 

I think that instead of getting defensive, you should have maybe done some research. With your platform, you could have really brought attention to the issue of colorism, not just on youtube, but in the media at large. There are lots of studies and documentaries (Dark Girls is a great place to START) that showcase the Western world’s preference for lighter skinned girls. And to see a rather prominent Black youtuber deny that, it’s frustrating. 

Here’s the thing; you can’t help being privileged. And being privileged doesn’t erase your personal struggles, nor minimize your successes and all you had to overcome. No one is saying that. What that man was trying to say (though in a less academic way) is that some people are awarded more privileges than others. And because of it, it’s easier for them to navigate their way into certain avenues than others. It’s not a slight at your success to admit that you had it a bit easier than others. It’s not going to make your successes disappear just because you’re light skinned and privileged over darker skinned Black people. 

But ignoring your privileges or getting defensive isn’t the way to go about it. If you don’t want your light skinned being looked at as the REASON for your success, then work on learning why light skin is a preference inside and outside of the Black community. And then do what you can to change it. That way, when you make it, you can honestly say your skin color had nothing to do with it and it was 100% on you. In a perfect world, that is the case. But in the real world, certain people are awarded certain privileges just for being born a certain way. That’s the world we live in. And ignoring it or getting mad when people who are less privileged than you in some way point our your privileges, isn’t going to change anything. 

It seems like preferences are okay as long as it’s not Black women. But then it’s also not okay for Black women to have preferences other than Black men.


That’s because what you’re describing aren’t preferences, but systematic prejudices enforced on the population often through various forms of media. You’re describing White supremacy. You’re describing a pervasive and toxic anti Black woman sentiment.



a discussion we had in WLC concerning women.

What got me was the fact that the two black girls couldn’t fathom being chosen first.


"It seems like preferences are okay as long as it’s not Black women. But then it’s also not okay for Black women to have preferences other than Black men."





At least three dead in two shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas. 15-year-old boy reported to be critically wounded; police report one person was in custody; man reportedly yelled ‘Heil Hitler’ when police arrested him.

Click here for the full story and breaking developments

Reblogging again to add: 

Also, non-Jews, please spread this. People will forget about it otherwise. The police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime, despite the fact that witnesses have said that the man was asking people if they were Jewish and waiting for an affirmative response before shooting. The more people who are paying attention to this story the harder it will be for it to be swept under the rug. 

A lot of people are currently very excited about the recent Cap movie. If you believe that it was worthwhile for Steve Rogers to fight fictional nazis, please show that you care about the people harmed by those in the real world who still agree with Nazi ideology. If you can get super excited and make tons of posts about Cap, then you can do this too, right? (obviously there are people who are upset/triggered by this stuff, which is an entirely different situation. but if you can spread the word please do)

I’m very sorry to those of you who don’t come to my blog expecting to see news or other horrible real world stuff. I thought it was worth putting out there.

Also the shooter is a former KKK Grand Dragon

A black male could not offer his hand (to shake hands) with a white male because it implied being socially equal. Obviously, a black male could not offer his hand or any other part of his body to a white woman, because he risked being accused of rape.

Blacks and whites were not supposed to eat together. If they did eat together, whites were to be served first, and some sort of partition was to be placed between them.

Under no circumstance was a black male to offer to light the cigarette of a white female — that gesture implied intimacy.

Blacks were not allowed to show public affection toward one another in public, especially kissing, because it offended whites.

Jim Crow etiquette prescribed that blacks were introduced to whites, never whites to blacks. For example: “Mr. Peters (the white person), this is Charlie (the black person), that I spoke to you about.”

Whites did not use courtesy titles of respect when referring to blacks, for example, Mr., Mrs., Miss., Sir, or Ma’am. Instead, blacks were called by their first names. Blacks had to use courtesy titles when referring to whites, and were not allowed to call them by their first names.

If a black person rode in a car driven by a white person, the black person sat in the back seat, or the back of a truck.

White motorists had the right-of-way at all intersections.

Jim Crow Etiquette Just a little more history for the folks who think slavery was the end of racism in America. (via karnythia)

My suburban white friends were so confused that my parents introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. and that I always addressed adults that way. They just don’t know.  And I don’t know how popular of a trend this was, but some Black folks gave their children honorifics as first names so white people would have no choice but to call them ‘Mister’ or ‘Sir’.  Like, I know tangentially of a woman who’s first name is Doctor.

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Blacks were not allowed to show public affection toward one another in public, especially kissing, because it offended whites.”

Can we look at this one right here real close?

POC in intimate relationships showing each other affection *was considered offensive*. I am kinda wondering, given the absence of intra poc relationships in mass media, if it still is considered as such.

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Well looking at this post, yes


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Denzel Once Turned Down A Movie Role So Racist He Thinks It Could Have Changed His Career


I didn’t think it was possible, but my respect level for Denzel just went up about 100 times. Not every job is worth accepting.



Here’s one of my projects for my independent study in Art VII. This Google auto-fill study brings attention to sexism in our everyday lives. 


Inspired by this post. 

Women shoulder workout