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Beyoncé performs Single Ladies on SNL (2009)

it’s so weird knowing one of the dancers’ names now.

Overall, I dig GLEE, specifically seasons 1 and 2 with highlights from season 3. But i do have a couple of serious gripes with the show.

1. Remember when Kurt and Mercedes were BEST FRIENDS? No? The GLEE writers don’t either, apparently.

2. 5,000 X 0.25 most definitely does NOT equal 20,000.   What in the actual FUCK GLEE??? Was this intended to be a joke or did NO ONE at the show catch this?  They meant 5,000/.25 = 20,000. But that just makes it even sadder. Someone doesn’t get the difference between multiplication and division.

3. Brittana - If it wasn’t for the actors, I would have said fuck it to taking this seriously.

4. Could we stop with the European male worship for just a second (directed to the fandom)?

5. WTF is Shane’s purpose? You could have saved that money and kept the original black dude from season one. Speaking of which… where is he? He could dance and was hella cute.

6. Why is Nene there but not giving me LIFE with Jane Lynch battle scenes? Seriously. This seems like a gross oversight.

7. We didn’t need the warblers. They were backdrop to Blaine and developing that relationship. Why do they keep popping up? They’re extraneous. Focus on the core characters and their stories…. PLEASE.

8. On the comedy side, since you’re a musical comedy… I need more Naya, Jane, Heather, Kevin, catty Chris, and Amber. They deliver the good… every time.

9. For the love of all that is HOLY, why are you not using Heather’s dancing background more frequently? It’s not like she’s in a wheelchair…………………..

10. Can we please get a dialogue on something philosophical between Brittany and Puck. Sweet baby Jesus, could you imagine the hilarity?

11. At what high school do the cheerleaders where their uniforms EVERY DAY?

12. I’m sick of “GLEE Cast” listed as the artist on their covers. Give them credit on iTunes. Shit’s annoying.

13. Stop sticking Amber with just R&B/oldies for the most part. Her voice is versatile. She can handle it… just like Lea.

14. I’m truly disturbed by the fans who wanted Kurt to be w/ Krayofsky. This dude threatened his life at one point. Seek therapy.

15. I need a Naya Rivera/Amber Riley power ballad. Just let them go to town/cut loose on it, something where they can display their range, strength, and control.