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Beyoncé Dances Onstage with Solange at Coachella.

Yep they definitely practiced this at home in the mirror

They look like they’re having so much fun ♥

Choreographers say the same thing about Beyonce that they used to say about Janet - she only needs to see it once or twice and she has it. I wonder if it’s weird for professional dancers knowing they spent all those years in classes learning 5-6-7-8 when Beyonce, Janet, Michael, etc… the superstars out front… are doing the same thing they’re doing, often better than they’re doing it, with life experience being their teachers/trainers…and being just as interested in the “street dances” as they are in the stuff the folks in classes can come up with.

so i’ve been spamming Janet on my fangirl blog cliquestitsandicks … but this was too good not to have over here.

Janet Jackson rehearsing for the If video


That spin…


kunallday ig

15 seconds. and they slay so many dance videos


#tbt Huuuuuuuaaaaaahhhh #wearetoonz #teamtoonz



oh shit

lawd jesus


LES TWINS // Mrs Carter - Solo Flawless by: Marcelo Isaac Lopes

the typical Beyonce pop fan may not be the right crowd for them… dance fans would have been trying to get their legs into the shot a lot more… kind of frustrating.

but anyway, what we do see looks on point.


Beyoncé - MINE - Choreography by Guapo Clarke - Featuring Amandy Fernandez

This crossed my dash and i’m thankful! She’s great, but i’m more impressed with him because he was sharp the entire time.

last Florida dance video for the day

The Wu-Tang/ WooTang dance

this is like… the quintessential dance i think of when i think of Florida and i just learned the name of it today, have been seeing it/doing it forever.

My favorite one here is the guy who comes in around 1:15

we dance down here.

wutang dance battle miami 

they all kill it, but watch that boy at the end especially

This is a practice for a music video


Paper Hearts (Official Music Video)

84,691 plays

Work It (Remix)

Missy Elliott- DjSliink X DjFresh X Nadus X DjRell


omg my ass dropped to the floor when the beat came in like shit boy no one warned me

when Back That Azz Up came in, i cried.