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you know what’s really hard to find? decent choreography for Bang Bang.

why must i cry?

TGT “Lessons I Love” choreography by Sean Bankhead

ok… so… the pairing at 1:13, the woman on the right (LA cap) at 2:15, and the guy at 4:06.

everyone else either wasn’t in sync enough for me, had more mistakes than i could stand to watch, or just didn’t seem to be into it.

Choreography by Matt Steffanina for Chris Brown’s “X”.

features a bunch of kids. The Black boy in the 1st group of kids and the boy on the left (green shirt) in the second group are my particular favorites.





It’s not fair for him to even be on the show. Who’s gonna beat him? Seriously?

holy shit

go the fck off alfonso!!!!



Salute to Ballet Black!


Ballet Black is a professional ballet company for international dancers of black and Asian descent. We aim to bring ballet to a more culturally diverse audience by celebrating black and Asian dancers in ballet. We perform and offer community driven classes for dancers and students, young and old.

Our ultimate goal is to see a fundamental change in the number of black and Asian dancers in mainstream ballet companies, making Ballet Black wonderfully unnecessary.


MUSE of the MONTH   { September }
What does it take to be an award-wining pole athlete?
Our September Muse, Aggie Ng, can tell you. Her elegant poise and persistence, molded her day job as a visual designer and nights spent in her studio -Body and Pole, are the elements to a successful 2-year run on the competitive circuit so far.
You can follow Aggie’s instagram at @snaglikeanag for her news update.
Here’s a short list of her accomplishments:
- 2013 Polesque Winner
- 2013 SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships Winner Gold Division
- 2014 Atlantic Pacific Pole Championships Pro Winner Silver Medalist
- 2014 U.S. National Pole Championships Women’s Division Finalist
- Dance member of PoleSpeak @Polespeak

Aggie is wearing:

VMesh Bratop

Guest Photographer: Simon Leung



and i give you my future son lol 

Aaawww !!! He is fuckin it up !

deadass how so many people I know learned how to dance. Please keep choreography in the music videos guys. We need it.


Originators and Masters of the dance (science and magic)!

Usher feat Nicki Minaj - She Came To Give It To You



"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez

Go the fuck off

i live

Director: Shawn Welling AXI
Starring: Les Twins
Music: James Blake - Retrograde (CloZee Remix)
NetWork Partner: WOD (World of Dance)

I feel like the twins used to be way more in sync than they are now

Good video though

Les Twins “TWINTERROGATION” - Written & Directed by Gianinni Semedo Moreira

dancing starts around 4:19


That mothafuckin’ Larry!!!!! | Fusion Concept 2014 | Zyko vs Larry {x}