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But like….who invented the “all lesbian couples on television must be blonde/brunette pairings” trope?

If a show is written well, I’m not watching it just for a specific character or couple.

So it doesn’t bother me if they don’t have a lot of lines that episode or aren’t even in it, because the show is done well enough that I’m entertained regardless. I only do the whole “let me know when ___ is on because I don’t feel like watching otherwise” if the show is terrible besides that character or actor or this is the only place i can see the actor. That speaks volumes about the quality of the show….

Examples… I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy.  There are so many characters I enjoy watching that it doesn’t bother me if Cristina is missing for a couple of episodes or Calzona isn’t really focused on for a little while or Bailey or Callie are in the background or the Twisted Sisters aren’t interacting and I don’t have any new material for Japril or Jackson in general and Mark is gone.. as long as ALL of this isn’t happening simultaneously. The show is done well.

I LOVE Once Upon A Time… the only episode that had me a little like …. please get these women off of my screen… was the most recent episode and that was because the wolfpack was actually terrible at acting.  Other than that, they’ve done a marvelous job at picking the right people for the roles. Charming/David is a little annoying and the kid is getting on my nerves at times (he needs to turn evil soon or something… or just stop being all Lexie Grey with the pestering so i’ll care when things happen to him) but everyone else is doing a bangarang job. So i’m fine when it isn’t all about Regina or Snow or Emma or Rumple but just uses them to move the story along at times.

Scandal is the one i’m starting to worry about because they’re pulling a Glee on me. I’m interested in several characters but they seem to be getting pushed to the background a little too often. I’m noticing a lot of focus on Quinn, Abbey, and the prosecutor. I’m not here for it. I want Olivia, Cyrus, the wife, Fitz, Huck, and Columbus Short aka the Season 1 focal points.

I hate Glee. Glee was an ensemble show and then it became about Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson. That would be ok if the show was written well and I cared about these characters. But neither is true. Because the craftsmaship of the writing/producing/lighting/editing/song-choice is so terrible, I had to rely on who gave me the best performances… who could sing and make me believe it? Who could dance and make me feel it?  Answers: Mercedes, Santana, Mike, and Brittany.  So I was watching strictly for Mercedes, Santana, Mike, Brittany… and what eventually became the Trouble Tones, Brittana, and Samcedes (this is basically different combinations of these people or their relationships). Guess who’s not really there anymore?… Mercedes, Santana, and Mike. But even before now, they completely shifted the focus in season 2… that’s when it became Rachel Berry and Destiny’s prom dumpster babies… with the lack of Beyonce-level talent.

I watch Private Practice for one character/couple now that Naomi and Dell are gone… that character is Charlotte King. I tolerate Cooper when he’s in “being a great man for Charlotte and dad for Mason” mode. Sheldon and Amelia are also awesome when they wrestle screen from Addison. Other than that, not really here for this show anymore. It was written well and then it wasn’t. too much whiny women - Addison and Violet - taking the attention away from the ensemble and not even making me interested in them.

Bottom line… if the ensemble is written well and doesn’t become the equivalent of doo-wop for one whiny chick, I’ll most likely continue to love it and won’t be on some immature “THERE WAS NO ____ IN THIS EPISODE. I’M SO DONE!” blah blah blah foolishness because I probably stopped watching the night of a while ago anyway if it got to that point.

the worshiping of blonde hair and blue eyes is real.

people think you should just be amazed that someone whose blonde and blue loves you and if you’re attracted to someone else who doesn’t look like that there’s something wrong with you. If you don’t spend every second kissing its ass, there’s something wrong with you. If you recognize the faults of that individual, you’re mean and hateful and ungrateful…. UNGRATEFUL.

if you’re blonde and blue, apparently you’re “perfect”, “innocent”, automatically good, and any wrong you do is somebody else’s fault.

for evidence, just take a look at any fandom that includes a person with these features or the way these people are described in comparison to others who don’t have those features. For stronger evidence take a look at people who favor a different pairing simply because the other person is blonde and blue (or close enough).

It’s a form of White Supremacy that even affects Whites, being their version of colorism.

And it’s not just a problem of fandoms… they’re just more open about their psychological deficiencies.

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These are my first ever gifs so be kind lol

Have you ever noticed ‘lesbian’ characters all seem to be

1 blonde haired


1 dark haired girl?

just saying!

and conventionally beautiful - which means white or light enough for people to forget they aren’t white, thin or flat-out skinny, and femme (funny enough if one is more of a butch femme she’s invariably the dark-haired one).

and if they aren’t making out and/or naked, the fans are screaming for them to be naked and/or making out.

it’s a very skewed and exclusive portrayal of lesbians completely rooted in the male sexual fantasy.

pictures not mine

loved the harmonies of the Warblers… but this trio should have had an album. i’m still upset about this and trying not to care.

and by album i mean all the songs they performed together (whether all 3 or just 2), their solos from this season, and 3 previously unheard tracks. yes.

Jamie Foxx -  (by trazersxo)

summing up how the glee fandom feels about the glee writers right now

well… unless you’re a rachel berry stan… but you might still be upset if you’re a finchel fan

Naya and Hemo (by intlq)

never forget

And then, for a while, I stopped talking.

Brittany (Britney) S. Pierce

RIB just took a jab at the fandom.

GLEE - Full Performance of “Shake It Out” (by GleeOnFox)


Yes, Heather Morris is the last person in that cast that should sing Whitney Houston. She’s not a singer, she’s a dancer. Her voice isn’t bad, per se. But it is nowhere near Lea, Naya, Chris, Darren, Amber, etc. And Whitney Houston is the most ambitious performer to try to sing. And, yes, the arraignment is pretty bad, especially compared to How Will I Know.

That being said, I’m more excited for the context of this song and what it means. We’ve had Santana sing two love songs to Brittany. We’ve seen Santana declare her feelings for Brittany multiple times. This whole relationship has focused on Santana and how she feels and what her feelings mean to her character. But we haven’t really seen Brittany do the same, other than telling Santana that she loves her. I mean, there are a ridiculous amount of people in this fandom who continue to argue that Brittany doesn’t love Santana. And this song is literally Brittany telling Santana that she loves her.

Then there’s the whole “If you really loved me, you would put this shirt on and you would dance with me” last year and now they are singing a duet together with the lyrics “I wanna dance with somebody who loves me.” 

Can we please forget about the fact that “Heather” is singing it and focus more on the fact that “Brittany” is singing it and what that means for the character/relationship/plot?

the thing is, you are reasonable and can admit she sounds terrible and shouldn’t be singing it… a lot of you won’t. and if this show is supposed to be about the music, then decisions should be made based on the music. someone else could have song it for them while they had a dancing scene or something. Santana always sings to Brittany because Naya can sing and Heather can’t.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Jessie J



Jessie J - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Listen. To. This.

This is how you cover a song. Love me some Jessie J

Clean your ears of that wreckage with this eargasm!

if you’re going to cover the song.. be able to sing. Thanks Jessie J. You’ve calmed me.