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I Care (Studio Snippets)



Remember that time when Beyoncé did a guitar solo with her voice?

or when she called upon the father, the son, and the holy voice to bless the harmonies?

i always wondered if the guitar followed what she sang or if she sang what the guitar played. it seems it was the latter. no less impressive, i just always wondered.

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Chain Heavy (feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence)

Kanye West

"For every inch they cut the nose off the Sphinx,
I made my jeweler add a few more links”

i used to vibe with Kanye HEAVILY.

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Honeysuckle Rose

Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie


#415) Ella Fitzgerald & Count Baisie - Honeysuckle Rose

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Frontin on Debra

Pharrell, Beck, and Jay-Z

mashup of Beck’s Debra and Pharrell’s Frontin by DJ Render

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Comin Home

City and Colour


I’ve seen a palace in London, I’ve seen a castle in Wales/
but I’d rather wake up beside you and breathe that ol’ familiar smell/
I never thought you could leave me, I figured I was the one/
but I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue

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Clap Hands



Beck - Clap Hands

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Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners

Foo Fighters


Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners // Foo Fighters

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Morris Brown



Morris Brown

One of my chicago cousins played this in her high school band and she was on the xylophone. i was never prouder of her than in that moment. i’m actually tearing up…

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this bangs so hard in the car though.

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No One is Alone



No One is Alone || Glee

Lea Michele, Darren Criss, and Chris Colfer not singing falsetto.

it’s so beautiful.

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The Words

Christina Perri


Let the words slip out of your mouth…

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Got To Be Real

Cheryl Lynn


Got to Be Real | Cheryl Lynn

HBCUs made this my anthem as a child. I was so shocked to fin out this is the lady on “If This World Were Mine” with Luther V

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You Look Good to Me

Oscar Peterson


You Look Good To Me(6:49)

Oscar Peterson-piano, Ray Brown-bass, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen-bass/ Oscar Peterson & The Bassists Montreux ‘77/ Pablo Records/ 1977

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Ingrid Michaelson

Pre-order Lights Out on iTunes!

This album is so beautiful. You can listen to it on iTunes but it’s not for download until Tuesday.

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Let's Wait Awhile (Glee Cast Version)

Glee Cast

you don’t understand… Janet Jackson is my absolute favorite of all the people in the world. i would probably just fall to the floor and weep if she said hi to me… 

and they picked the right people to do this song and i’m actually crying, no joke.

Amber Riley and Kevin McHale

it’s still and will always be fuck Glee. but this is Amber and Kevin doing Janet.