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as unsurprised as i am about the big naya thing….


im less excited for the glee fandom & naya’s fandom to be racist fuckwads about it. which i already know is gonna happen.

yeah… i miss this.


This is an actual family.

Naya Marie Rivera - actor (tv and film), singer, Big Sean’s fiance

Mychal Rashawn Rivera - tight end for the Oakland Raiders

Nickayla Rivera - model


Yesterday I was in NY for fashion week and man was it cold! We haven’t had much of a winter in LA so I was super excited to don some cold weather outfits! I love this daytime layered look. It’s a great example of mixing high end and affordable pieces and is perfect for staying warm and looking fab!

What I’m wearing:
- Jimmy Choo Boots
- J Brand Leather Leggings
- H&M Chunky Sweater
- Roberto Cavalli Coat
- Eugenia Kim Hat


Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

why do y’all hate me? bringing this back around and making me remember what Glee could have been if not for the sexism and racism.

Naya Rivera for Cosmo Latina

some beauty for your dash.

Happy 27th birthday Naya Rivera ! ♥


the ‘@MichaelKors’ slayer. @nayarivera !!
always bomb. xoxo. 

I never recognized these were all the same designer. Wow. I think she’s found her stylistic soul mate.



Naya Rivera in Complex magazine

JUST felt like being rude.

2013 was damn good.


- When you get to heaven, what is the first thing you want to hear God say to you?
"Naya, you’re a tricky one."

this was the exact same interview where this happened:

-If you could have dinner with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be?
“Billie Holiday.”

15,063 plays

Shake It Out (Florence and The Machine)

Glee Cast


Shake It Out (Florence and The Machine) - Glee Cast Cover

To me, this is better than the original.

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 12: Cover song that’s better than the original

listen in the left. then listen in the right. then listen together. different experiences.

HUGE shout out to Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Amber Riley (in order of appearance).