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Listen to This: The Read, with Crissle and Kid Fury


The podcast world is one dominated by straight white male comedians reaching middle age. Kid Fury and Crissle are black, gay, young and cool. Their perspective is more sensitive to race, sexual identity and the minority experience than any other podcast that exists right now. Let’s be clear: they can be unapologetically mean to the celebrities they cover, for comedy’s sake. But they know the line and never cross it. Sure, they’ll take the piss out of Keyshia Cole for tweeting about London’s Eiffel Tower – but then they’ll turn right around and demand basic human dignity for the things that make us different.

My friends stay in the news! Congrats crissle & kidfury

They just want someone to help them justify, even in their own minds, the bullshit that their talking about. They just want for someone to say ‘I agree’.

Kid Fury talking about the psychology of racists.

also applies to sexists, people who hate Black women, etc…

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The Read: What's In A Name?

This week, Blue Ivy has officially muted the name North West on Twitter. Paula Deen might be sorry for calling you all the N-word, but she’s still been fired. Plus, a listener update that will gag your shorts off!

I actually love how they mix political matters and random, funny pop culture. Crissle is a level of awesome.

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The Read: Pray For The Dancing Lobsters

This week, Crissle lets you know how she feels about a drugged out rapping Amanda Bynes! Everyone is judging Miguel, Beyoncé will having escort you out and Kid Fury is always late!

Kid Fury’s top 12 to stay in 2012

Kid Fury PSA: Keep Your Hands To Yourself (by TheFuryTV)

the major points i care about in this

"You should have kept your hands to yourself".

"I’m not here for men hitting women, but I’m not here for women using that to their advantage either".

there is no way you can convince me she wasn’t wrong for attacking him. I’m not here for that. and to the people saying that he, specifically, should learn to control his anger better…. WHAT? she. hit. him. Doesn’t she need to learn to control HER anger? yeah… miss me with all of that. They both need to control themselves better, but you can’t put this on him, acting like it was unprovoked (and i don’t mean with words, but with actual physical attacks).

update: I’m that person that views slaps and shoves the same as punches. I really am about that KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF life. I don’t get what’s so difficult to understand about that. You don’t have a right to slap, hit, shove, kick, or physically attack someone in any other manner just because you’re angry. You aren’t freaking 2 years old… and honestly… your parents should have worked harder to train you to stop doing it when you were 2.


Nicki vs Mariah: Inadequate Shade

this man right here lol. like i said on twitter… if it was about vocals, then Nicki shouldn’t have said anything. But for any other reason including demanding her respect as a person, I can’t say Nicki was wrong. I wasn’t there. I don’t know what went down. but that whole “you not gon read down your resume to me every day”… i still say that screams jealousy or feelings of inadequacy, unless Mariah has just been seriously reading it down to Nicki every day in which case it’s just being catty for no real reason.

Chicken & Hair: Who Cares? (by TheFuryTV)

he is hilarious. i feel you bro, leave the chickens out of this foolery

Shit Black Gays Say

oddly enough, i didn’t have these saved.



Kid Fury’s 100th Video Spectacular!

 when i tell you this video had me in tears…

Names that Karrueche is called (other than her actual name):


  • Karate
  • Kawasaki
  • Koochi
  • Kuwait
  • Kryptonite
  • Kokaroach
  • Keisha

further additions (via @ana-xo):

  • Ku Klux Tran
  • Koochie Koochie Coo
  • Karne Asada
  • Karate Kid
  • Kumbay

(Note: I was dying of laughter while typing this list.)

Allow me to add all of Kid Fury’s names for her because this shit is hilarious:

  • Karrydouche
  • Kick Ball Change
  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  • Chrianna Coochie
  • Carde Blanche
  • Cabbage Patchie
  • Colly Wally Doodle All the Day
  • Carlito’s Way
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • Karcoochie
  • Kockroachie
  • Krispitty Krunchity Peanut Buttery Bitch (!!!!)
  • Crudite
  • Karne Asada
  • Kung-Fu Panda
  • Crab Shack
  • Kawasaki
  • Kalabasas
  • California Roll
  • Carbuncle


So where is the list of names Kid Fury came up with for Chris Brown’s girlfriend? I know someone has it. That ish was HILARIOUS.


Amber and Kid Fury are Twitter pals? LMAO, I’d love to see them have an unfiltered conversation. 

and my day has been made. Amber’s cool as hell.


Amber and Kid Fury are Twitter pals? LMAO, I’d love to see them have an unfiltered conversation. 

and my day has been made. Amber’s cool as hell.

This is still making me laugh… LMAO

This is still making me laugh… LMAO